Hi, I'm

Michael Griffin

A Web Developer

I'm a software engineer who likes to build responsive websites in JavaScript and Python.

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01. About

I'm a full-stack software engineer and have a background in psychology, studying memory. My interest in software development first came about while a graduate student at the University of Illinois, where I researched how individual differences in short-term memory might lead to better long-term learning. I was fascinated with how under time pressure or distraction, people could still (usually) develop successful strategies to learn the items and associations we bombarded them with.

I also found that I enjoyed programming experiments a bit more than wrangling the sleep-deprived undergraduates who participated in them. When Covid started, I began to learn how to build these experiments online using JavaScript, and am now branching out to study web development full-time.

I recently graduated from a 16-week, full-stack software engineering program at Rithm School. There, I had the pleasure of learning from highly-experienced instructors, built projects while programming in pairs, and became a more thoughtful and productive software engineer. I am currently looking for job opportunities, and am excited to see what lies ahead.


Full-Stack Software Engineer Intern

Internship at Foqal, working on a site redesign


Postdoctoral Researcher

Developed and ran experiments in the memory lab at Carnegie Mellon University


Instructor for Intro Psych

While a graduate student, taught Introduction to Psychology for five semesters

02. Projects

Solo Chess

An in progress site to play and practice chess. Play the minigame Solo Chess, solve puzzles, or work on practicing openings.

  • React
  • TypeScript

Sorting Visualizer

A visualization tool for common sorting algorithms.

Built to wrap my head around some of the more complex ones like merge and heap sort, and get some hands on practice with animations.

  • React
  • JavaScript


A messaging app where you can post messages, reply to others, and follow your favorite bird. Or person?

Username: guest
Password: password

  • Flask
  • Bootstrap
  • SQLAlchemy


A job board site where you can browse and apply to jobs from official sounding companies.

Username: guest
Password: password

  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • Express

Other Projects

Project: Friender
Details: A site to match and find friends.

Project: Memory Game
Details: Remember where each color is, and match pairs to win.

Project: Meme Generator
Details: Build a simple meme with image and text.

03. Contact

Please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn or reach out using the form below.